The main objective of Department of Sociology at İstanbul Medeniyet University is to comprehend and interpret the social actions, concepts and experiences in Turkey and all around the world. With a particular focus on social change and transformation, social interaction, as well as on social movements, the department aims to develop a multi-dimensional perspective on various different social issues. The analysis of migration movements and bureaucratic structures are among the main areas of study which also contribute to a further interest in urbanization patterns and political economy of development from a macro-sociological point of view. Moreover, the analysis of components of culture throughout a comprehensive examination of social institutions such as family, education and religion, is highly emphasized with a particular interest in social interactions from a micro-sociological point of view. The Department of Sociology at İstanbul Medeniyet University therefore seeks to train competent sociologists who have comprehensive knowledge of sociological theories and are well-equipped in the usage and application of sociological research methods.